Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Little Scare

Little triplets mom's blood pressure spiking high from time to time. She is in the hospital and will be for the duration of the pregnancy with you munchkins. You are strong boys and girl because through all of the health issues you have held on strong. Strong heartbeats and the fluid around you is excellent.

You are certainly strong babies. I bet you will go somewhere from 34 ot 36 weeks. You are already 3 1/2 weeks and going strong.

Mama is working on her end to keep the blood pressure down. She is doing everything she can to assist you on your safe journey.

I have been worried about mom's blood pressure going up and down. I have been afraid she could stroke out or have kidney failure. I invisioned everyone healthy and so you are.

They have an IV in mom in case they need to give her blood pressure medicine. She had a little drama in her life but the drama kings have been made aware of the dangers and are helping to keep mama safe every second of the way.

I am going Saturday and make sure we have everything ready for your arrival to your home. You have such a pretty nursery and it is getting closer to being finished as we come around the home stretch.

We only have to return a few things and get items to help finish the changing table and the play n pack which will be your home for a few weeks. I am sure there are other things and mommy has made a list for me and Carla. We will get it in shape for you.

We revolve around your world. That is the truth. We want to meet every need and care you will have when you get here.

Guess I had better get back to work little Christmas Munchkins. Can't wait to meet you...


Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting Caught Up

Sorry triplets and mommy I have not written for awhile. With my brother Derick having a brain tumor and having brain surgery before Thanksgiving I had very little time to chat. He is finally home and learning to walk and do other functions again.

This was a hard thanksgiving since Nana had the stomach flu. I couldn't be around anyone so I had to stay home quarantined by myself. I was so sad I couldn't see how much you had grown in your mommies tummy.

She has posted new pictures of her ever growing belly on her site and I can tell how big you guys are getting. I will get to see you on Sunday because Carla and I am going to get your nursery finished. We can't wait for you to get here so we can see your sweet little faces.

Kelly you can't imagine how much being able to share this with you on a daily basis has been for me. I love talking to you everyday and getting an update hourly on the little munchkins.

This is such a miracle and what a difference from last Thanksgiving to this year.

I love all you babies including my baby girl.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Coming Home

I forgot the most important news I got this week. You will be coming home. Back to Duluth or somewhere near by. Your mommy is going to go back to the office so she can focus more on you during the evenings and weekends. Now we just have to get you on a good sleeping schedule before momma has to go back to work.

I am already looking for houses for you. I want to keep you close but I can live with 10-15 miles away...I will come and help with your laundry and cook and let your mom take naps since you will be keeping her awake a lot. Hopefully you will be sleeping all night by 8 weeks old. That is what we are going to manifest for you and your parents.

I just can't wait to be able to see you all the time. This way I can baby sit you more often than I could if you lived in Newnan.

Nanna is so excited to get you back home....

Maybe we can find a house with the bigger bedroom for you little munchkins...

Love ya


I have been running behind in my weekly blogging because I have been so busy. Your uncle Derick had surgery and I have been working 2 jobs and spending time in the hospital with him.

I wanted to let you know how well you are going to be dressed thanks to all the friends and family you have. They are all excited to meet you. I have so enjoyed being included in all your showers...I am overwhelmed with all there is to do to get ready for you.

Next week I am coming down to help mommy get the clothes and stuff unpacked and into the nursery(somehow). I still think your mommy should have used the big room for your nursery but she had her heart set on the room you are in. I guess we will keep the other stuff in the big room or the guest bedroom where the glider is.

Speaking of glider. Your mom is going to have a great way to put her babies to sleep by rocking them in the glider daddy bought for their anniversary. You will also have volumes of videos since mom got a new camera for her birthday.

I can't wait to meet you all and see the little munchkins that were inside of me at one time. When Kelly was a 5 month old fetus she had you in her tummy just like Sarah does now. That means at one time we were all 1 life source. Since we are all connected we are one life force with everything. We all have the same source of life God...

You are truly miracles and a gift from God. Your sister Leyna is looking over you which I think is the reason you all are doing so well. I bet you all played together until you came to mommy's tummy. Now you all are spiritually together and share energies.

I am so gratful to get to be the mommy of a beautiful daughter named Kelly who is giving you a healthy and well taken care of home in her tummy. She is making a great home for you when you arrive.

Got to go now. Will update it soon...



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lots to Say

Wow, time has flown by. Your mommy is getting bigger every week. We had another shower and got great things to help mom and dad take the best care of you.

Mommy is going to the doctor today and I can't wait to hear how big you all are now. I am guessing the biggest one will be 2 lbs or close to 2lbs. The other two will be 1 1/2 pounds or bigger. Can't wait to hear the good news. I love to hear about you guys.

Mom says you are flipping around and can now be felt moving from the outside of her belly. I am so impatient wanting to see you but I also want you to be born healthy so I will keep manifesting you come on January 26th.

Well I have got to go play in the rain today. You are safe and warm inside mom. Love you to pieces already.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Showers, Pictures and a Clean House

Wow, lots has happened in the past two days. The first shower was so sweet and they had great food. Quiche, salad, monkey bread and more. The girls were wonderful and Tracie, Keelie and Krista came. They got to see the beautful nursery and so did I. Just with the bedding it looks warm and cozy. Lots more to do to get ready for you. It is a good thing you are not ready to come yet because we have lots to do.

We have got to sort clothes and finish decorating the nursery and have the other showers.

Today nana cleaned your house just like she will do before you get here. You will come home to an almost dust free home. Mama has to get her rest and can't bend over and scrub for a while.

Mom's only job now is to rest and keep you in as long as possible. You will be ready in about 13 weeks. I can't wait to meet you.

Looking forward to your shower on the 7th of Nov and the one on the 15th. You all are going to be dressed in style.

I am going to start looking for a coming home outfit for you.. That needs to be special from nana.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Flipping Around

Babies your mom says you are flipping around everywhere. Maybe if she swallowed a toy you would have something to play with. Oh well that is not necessary. You will have plenty of toys to play with when you get here.

I can't wait to feel you move. Mom says you are getting stronger and stronger day by day. I want you to know you are so loved...

Kelly I am so excited that you are getting to experience such a miracle. Most women never experience what you are getting to experience. You do have a special pregnancy and you are having experiences that you would not have normally. You are not being cheated out of a good pregnancy you are experiencing a miracle.

I am so happy for you...You are going to make a great mom.

Love Mom

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting Those Beds Ready

Thursday and Friday were a blast finding bargains. We managed to find 3 beautiful bedding sets for those beautiful beds your grandpa bought you.

I was at work with nothing to do so I started pricing bedding and other gifts on ebay. I found beautiful sets for 1/3 of the price of the ones we picked out at Babies R Us. Your mom was home so she got on line and started bidding on them and won all 3.

Now we have the boys all matching and the same designer for baby girl. They are beautiful and Terry and I were able to buy all three. Momma scored big.

It was so much fun to shop for all of you. If I had more money you would be the best dressed babies in the hospital... Oh that's right. You will be the best dressed babies in the hospital and at home. You have your aunt Kristy who has contributed to the boys and more to come.

Now all we need is to have the 3 showers for you babies to get the necessary things to clothe and feed you after you get here. We will be ready for you by the end of the year. Your job is not to be born until you are fully developed.

I can't wait to see your sweet faces. I can imagine them now. I wish I had $165 so we could take a 3D imagine of you and see those sweet faces. I guess I will have to find some patience and wait but it is really hard.

Your nanna loves you and anxiously awaits your arrival.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Doctor Visit October 12th

You babies are just growing like little bean sprouts. Mama just went and saw you doing little cart wheels in her belly. It was raining to hard so I have not heard the latest yet but I bet you guys are close to a pound by now or at least heading in that direction.

You will be here before we know it. I just hope mom can get to all her showers. If not, we will just have them for her. I will wash all the goodies and have them ready before you make your entrance.

I just wished nanna had a better car or if you lived closer. I could come over every day. I have sent my resume to Peachtree City and hope to get a job and an apartment near you. I want to see you everyday and I want to help mom get everything she needs when she is put to bedrest.

It will all work out. God has a plan for your arrival and all the help that you are going to need to get you precious babies taken care of.

I am sure mom will get lots of gift certificates from Kids R Us to help get your car seats and bedding including mattresses. You babies need a lot and you will have it by the time you get here.

Gotta get back to work so I can earn money for baby stuff..

Love ya
Nanna and MOM

ps. babies I just heard from your mom and saw your new mug shots. You all are growing. You ahve doubled in weight in 4 weeks. You are strong and healthy. You already have your own little personalities. Baby girl you keep hiding. Mom says the boys are sitting on you. You will want to sleep on the bottom of the pack since that is your postion. Baby boys one of you is a camera hog. I can't wait to meet my sanguine grandson. Other baby boy we don't know as much about you yet. I am sure your little personality will surface soon. Nanna has got to get back to work. Meet you all soon...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Dinner

Hi triplets and there mommy. We just had a family celebration of our October dinners at your Great Aunt Tracie and Mark's. I can see you growing inside your mommy and she is making room for you. She felt good today and ate until she was stuffed. You guys must have been soaking it all up because as soon as she was through she was ready for a nap.

You guys take up so much energy so you can grow strong. This way you will be able to come home from the hospital with mommy when she comes home. She is taking very good care of you and we all love you very much. I can't wait to meet you. What mommy doesn't know is that Terry and I made a plan and pooled our money together to get a comforter set for one of the beds. We will get the others too but nanna and Terry can only afford one thing at a time.

I want to buy so much for you but I have to wait until pay day. Nanna lives from paycheck to paycheck but the good news is she gets paid every week. That means I can give you something often. I have got to get a big paying job to buy all the things I want to buy for my first set of grandchildren. You can bet all my extra money will go to love on you boys and girl.

I have waited 51 years to meet you and I can't wait. I will wait because I don't want you to come to early. I don't want you to go through the things babies who come to early have to endure.

You are going to be wonderful and strong when we get to meet you.

Love you babies and daughter
Nanna and MOM

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belly Pictures

I love your new belly pictures. It is changing so much even though I saw you a week ago. It shows you have lost your waist and the babie are growing bigger all alone. They are going to be big and healthy just like their mom was even though they will be early.

When I went with you weeks ago they said they weighed about 7 oz. each. The girl at work who is the same week as you hers only weighed 4 oz that week. Yours are strong and healthy and will be just exactly the size they need to be to come home with you. That is going to be an exciting day bringing those three little munchkins home. I can't wait..

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Babies Are Moving

Yeah!!!! Little flutters are happening. I am so excited you are feeling your babies move. That is the first most exciting part of the miracle.

I am so happy you are on this journey even though it has been very hard for you. Nanna has to get back to work her lunch is over. I'll write more later.
Love Mom

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shopping for The Babies

Babies, nana got to go help mommy pick out your beautiful nursery and all the accessories you will need when you come home. I was so excited when mommy said she was coming to Duluth on Saturday and she wanted me to come along to get you registered. We had a blast.

Mommy is getting big and little girl was pushing down and making her groin muscles hurt. You boys are making her get bigger so her back hurts. She is proud to carry you until you make your debut.

Then we went to Red Lobster and had lunch. After that we watched the dawgs get their butts kicked.

I know you guys are all moving around because I have seen you but mommy still can feel you yet. Give her a big kick so she will know you are in there and doing fine.

Got to get back to work.

Love Nana

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yeay We Are Going Shopping

I am so excited my daughter wants me to go help her register for the triplets. AWESOME. I can't wait. We are going Saturday the 3rd to Babies R Us and then to Walmart if she feels like it.

I am so sad for Kelly, she said yesterday she will not have a time when she will be able to enjoy just being pregnant due to all the nausea and discomfort she is already having. It will be worth it though when those 3 little munchkins get here. Go triplets... You are loved so much and so is your brave mother. If I could only express how much you are wanted by our family.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Doctor Visit Day

I am so grateful when Kelly calls me after a visit. The baby's are doing great. Now I pray for her health to improve. She is still very nauseous. My heart goes out to her. That nausea is the worst feeling and it just never goes away for her.

I hurt to think of what all she has gone through with shots and visits and poked and prodded just to have children. I don't understand why it is so hard but she is a REAL woman to be able to go through this. I am so proud of her and know that when the babies are home and everyone is well she will let out a sigh of relief.

God I know we are not suppose to ask for specific things but can't one of the babies be her blonde haired blue eyed baby like her. That would be great God...GO GOD

Sunday, September 27, 2009

At The Beach

We went to the beach this weekend and the babies gave mom a nausea break most of the time. Kelly did get lots of rest and sleep. Babies, she is taking good care of you. You have the best mama ever.

Kelly realized how different being pregnant at the beach was than her normal Kelly self. She wasn't motivated to lay in the sun because she couldn't get comfortable on her chair. Some of the restaurants didn't bring her joy in eating her favorite foods. She slept a lot which was good but babies drained her energy.

Well sweetheart, this was the last time the old Kelly gets to go to the beach. From now on it will be different. It will be a blessing and a gift to watch your children play in the sand and get their toes wet in the surf. Life is changing and will never be the way it was.

This is a wonderfully new phase in your life.

My First Doctors Visit

I got so go see the three munchkins today at the doctors. They were moving around and one is always showing off. I think it is baby B. Baby A keeps hiding it has to be a girl and she is just modest. Can't wait to find out the sex of the babies.

It is such a miracle and I am glad I can be here to witness it. You babies are just precious, I wish I could kiss you now. It won't be long.

Mother's Worry

As the mother I worry so much for my daughter. She is on the high side of normal of diabetes. This surfaces during pregnancy but Kelly has it on both sides of her family. I am visualizing good results with her sugar and know that God is in charge of her and the babies.

My only job is to love and nurture her as she goes through a trying time. I so wish this could be a normal pregnancy so she can enjoy being pregnant but she is sick all the time. Having had migraines and having severe nausea I know what she is going through. It is not fun. God please take away her nausea.

I Am Getting Triplet Grandchildren

June 4th - I have just been told my daughter is having triplets. She was so funny when she called. Her first words out of her mouth were:

  • Kurt will have to quit his job

  • We will have to get a mini van and we are about to pay off Kurts car

  • Greco only has one stroller for triplets and it is ugly

I knew my baby girl was a littled overwhelmed. God put the words in my mouth to say "Just breathe we will figure this out.