Monday, September 28, 2009

Doctor Visit Day

I am so grateful when Kelly calls me after a visit. The baby's are doing great. Now I pray for her health to improve. She is still very nauseous. My heart goes out to her. That nausea is the worst feeling and it just never goes away for her.

I hurt to think of what all she has gone through with shots and visits and poked and prodded just to have children. I don't understand why it is so hard but she is a REAL woman to be able to go through this. I am so proud of her and know that when the babies are home and everyone is well she will let out a sigh of relief.

God I know we are not suppose to ask for specific things but can't one of the babies be her blonde haired blue eyed baby like her. That would be great God...GO GOD

Sunday, September 27, 2009

At The Beach

We went to the beach this weekend and the babies gave mom a nausea break most of the time. Kelly did get lots of rest and sleep. Babies, she is taking good care of you. You have the best mama ever.

Kelly realized how different being pregnant at the beach was than her normal Kelly self. She wasn't motivated to lay in the sun because she couldn't get comfortable on her chair. Some of the restaurants didn't bring her joy in eating her favorite foods. She slept a lot which was good but babies drained her energy.

Well sweetheart, this was the last time the old Kelly gets to go to the beach. From now on it will be different. It will be a blessing and a gift to watch your children play in the sand and get their toes wet in the surf. Life is changing and will never be the way it was.

This is a wonderfully new phase in your life.

My First Doctors Visit

I got so go see the three munchkins today at the doctors. They were moving around and one is always showing off. I think it is baby B. Baby A keeps hiding it has to be a girl and she is just modest. Can't wait to find out the sex of the babies.

It is such a miracle and I am glad I can be here to witness it. You babies are just precious, I wish I could kiss you now. It won't be long.

Mother's Worry

As the mother I worry so much for my daughter. She is on the high side of normal of diabetes. This surfaces during pregnancy but Kelly has it on both sides of her family. I am visualizing good results with her sugar and know that God is in charge of her and the babies.

My only job is to love and nurture her as she goes through a trying time. I so wish this could be a normal pregnancy so she can enjoy being pregnant but she is sick all the time. Having had migraines and having severe nausea I know what she is going through. It is not fun. God please take away her nausea.

I Am Getting Triplet Grandchildren

June 4th - I have just been told my daughter is having triplets. She was so funny when she called. Her first words out of her mouth were:

  • Kurt will have to quit his job

  • We will have to get a mini van and we are about to pay off Kurts car

  • Greco only has one stroller for triplets and it is ugly

I knew my baby girl was a littled overwhelmed. God put the words in my mouth to say "Just breathe we will figure this out.