Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am sorry

Babies I know I have not written to you in a long time. Nana has been spending most her free time coming to see you. I love it in the morning when one of you wakes up at a time and I get to spend quiet time with you.  Feeding you your bottle while talking to you and you watch my every move.  I hope it will be soon that you recognize me from week to week.  For now I think you just love people talking to you and you smile at whomever.

I miss you so much when I go a week without seeing you.  I now have a new car and I can come help when your mom or dad needs help.  I love the story they told me about going into the bathroom and melting down.  That is just what happens to new parents.  I can't imagine what it is like trying to handle 3 when they all need attention at the same time.

Like mommy said one day.  Because you are triplets there will things you will get to do that other babies do not get.  There will also be times that you won't get things that other children will get.  The one thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt is that you will get more love than most babies can.  You can count on that.

Love you bunches and now got to get back to work.

Love you to pieces, Nana.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Oh babies you are so good at recognizing your mom and dad's voice now. You were at your great aunt Tracie's this weekend and you were passed around like a ball. Everyone wanted to hold you and watch the sweet coo's you used your voice to produce. The sweet smiles always precluded that sweet baby talk. When mommy or daddy would talk you would turn your little heads to see where they were. Just needed to connect with your security in a room full of strangers.

You are growing so fast you are not getting to wear half your clothes. Jakers is growing the fastest. He is going to be nana's line backer if he keeps going.

Nana got to share in feeding you your first food, cereal. You gobbled it up like pro's. Now you are eating your cereal with a little applesauce mom said. Soon you will be on baby food and not taking as many bottles a day. You will be getting 3 meals a day and milk supplemented. Mommy is going to save you some food while she is away in Michigan. You won't need as much as you need now. You will be eating 3 times a day.

I am so proud of your mama. She pumps milk for you all day long. She spent the night with me, we had a girls night because she had to go to the Duluth office the next day. She would pump and pump and out would come your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days.

She has really given you all a mother can give in every aspect of the word. She loves you so much and would lay down her life for you. She told me the other day that she would. She now has a taste of why a mama bear is so dangerous when she has cubs. Mama bears will always protect their cubs to the death if necessary.

Your daddy is doing such a good job of staying home and taking care of you guys. He loves his babies to pieces. He is the protective mommy too. You all are good babies and are such a joy to keep and be around. Sometimes one of you may have a tummy ache and cry but you always go back to being happy loving babies after it is over.

Well I won't get to see you this weekend, daddy isn't going to get to go on his camping trip but I will be with you in spirit. I will see you at the beach. I can't wait to show you off in front of my friends. Tell mom to bring your bumbo seats so you can all sit up and entertain us.

I can't wait for you to crawl and sit up. Nana's works out so she can sit on the floor and play with you. She is losing weight so she can be on your level at playtime. Don't need a nana with knee replacements and can't get down on the floor. Nana doesn't want to ever miss a play opportunity with her babies.

Gotta go and get back to work now. Love you to pieces.

Friday, April 30, 2010

SeeYou Soon

Babies I can't wait to see you this weekend. I missed last weekend and it has now been two weeks. I just can't go that long. If I work I will see you Friday. If I don't work it will be Sunday.

Your other great grandparents are coming to see you this weekend. I know they will be proud of you because you are such good babies.

I wish mommy had a scale so she could weigh you all again. Maybe she could put you on the scales in the vegetable dept. at Publix. They wouldn't mind I am sure.

Oh well I am at work and need to stop playing around on the computer so that is all for now.

Nana is working on getting a better car so she can see you more often. Soon, I must have patience. Love Ya Nana.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Angel Pictures

Babies, your mommy just sent me the sweetest pictures I have ever seen. You look like angels in the pictures. Your sweet faces with partial grins or sweet looks with your precious skin makes them incredible.

Mommy is up to something for mother's day and I can't wait to see what it is. I know it will great because she has you in the pics.

I missed you this weekend. I didn't get to see you. Nana worked most of the weekend. I hope to see you this coming weekend. I hope I get to give you a bath and lotion so you smell like Johnson & Johnson babies.

You are such good babies. You slept last night for over 7 hours mommy said. I don't want you to get big but I know I will love every phase you grow through. I love you...Love Nana

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow It Has Been Awhile

You sweet babies. I have not written to you since you have gotten home. I now spend all my time working and spending time with you. I try to see you every week. I can't wait until you get back to Duluth and I can see you moe often.

You were born so healthy and strong. I am so proud of you. Now you are over 3 months old and you have started cooing and smiling all the time. You are staying awake more and looking closely at me and your toys. You are just perfect.

I miss you when I am not around but that will change soon. I know mommy is going to get a new job at the Duluth office.

I love to feed you and give you baths. Especially put that sweet baby smelling lotion on you. You are not a fan of lotion but nana knows how to hurry up and get the job done. I love dressing you up in your little outfits. You have so many to choose from. You are growing so fast you are not getting to wear lots of your clothes. That is ok, mom will have a big consignment sale soon.
That will give her lots of money to buy you lots of cool toys.

Your lives are filled with people who love you. I am so excited to see you change from week to week. You are my three little munchkins and I love you to pieces.

Sarah you actually called and talk to me the other day on the phone. Well, you cooed and that is what counts as talking for now. Jake and Luke talk to me all last weekend.

Can't wait to see you this weekend. Hopefully on Sunday....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Home

I can't believe it. Jake and Luke are coming home tonight. I can't wait to get my hands on some babies. I can't wait to see them side by side so I can learn to tell them apart. I hope Kelly and Kurt can. I am sure they can. Sarah will be home in a matter of days. I hope she gets to come home on Sunday so I get to spend some time with her.

I can't wait to pamper and love on those babies. It is so amazing to watch your kids have kids. To see these little perfect beings come to life. What a miracle. Thank you God for the abundance you have given us. I am so grateful everyone is here and ok. Let us enjoy the give you sent to our family.

I love you babies and that includes you to mommy. Now you get to be a Mommy.

Love Ya

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Miss You

It has been 5 days since I have seen you. I am so missing you. Now mommy is home and I can't see you until she and daddy are there. They have been coming up during the daytime and I have been working.

I have also been working on getting a better car so I can come see you more often when you go home. Not much working for me now but God has the perfect deal for me. I just don't know where it is. I am praying to get a used car I can afford and it not have any major problems. Maybe dad can find me one.

I miss you so much. Maybe I can come to see you when mom and dad come to see you this weekend. I can't wait because I don't want to go to many days with seeing you. You are eating and growing and getting over the setback we caused you by holding you too long.

I think I will text your mom now and ask when is it my turn to see you guys.


Saturday Visitation

We couldn't get up there to see you on Friday due to the bad weather. I did arrive Saturday around 10:30 with gravy and sausage biscuits for your mom and dad. Your Koenig grandparents were already there waiting to see you.

Dad took them up to visit while mom pumped trying to get you breast milk for your sensitive little stomachs. Not much happened. Mom's blood pressure spiked very high so she was put to bed.

Soon the Trenary grandparents came and we went up to visit after the Koenig's were finished. This time dad was feeding Sarah and Mom had Luke. Luke was going slow eating in the beginning but he sped up when Nana sat down with him. He would nurse and then rest, nurse and then rest. He also gave us a great burp.

We had no idea that we were over stimulating you but we found out later that we did. Everyone was so anxious to see and hold you that we over did it.

After everyone left Kelley Payne, Dad and I went up to visit with you. Dad got to change Jakes dirty diaper and in the middle of the change Jake decided he wasn't finished. Dad looked at the nurse and said, "now what do I do". She gently showed him how to wait while covering you in case you decided to give everyone a shower then start the diaper procedure over again.

I was holding Sarah until it was Kelleys turn and I went over to hold Luke. Luke just slept while he was given his feeding tube just like Sarah did. Sarah did manage to give us some smiles while she was asleep and eating. Luke likes to suck after his first bottle of the day he wanted more and we gave him his pacifier and he took it like a champ.

Time was up so we headed back down to check on your mom. She was sitting up in the bed and did not take a much needed nap. I think we were over stimulating her too. Later I found out your Koenig grandparents came back up and held you even more.

We just over did it. Forgetting that you were preemie and not use to the real world yet you started sliding backwards. Spitting up your food, losing weight and not keeping your body temperature stabilized. When mom did get up to hold you they would not let them due to the over stimulation from the day. She was very sad to go a day without holding her babies.

We are all so sorry little ones. We did not know how weak you are now. You look so perfect and healthy.

Love Nana

Thursday You Are One Day Old

Today, thanks to Carla I am able to see you again. The snow is falling and the temperature is dropping so we had to hurry. Mom is still in recovery which concerns me tremendously. Even on magnesium she is still getting spikes of high blood pressure. I have intuitions that come to me and I have had to many around this blood pressure spiking. I don't want to see my daughter stroking or seizing. I want the doctors to find out why and make it go away.

Your sweet dad took us up to see you. Jake and Sarah are still in the same room. They have removed your cpaps but you still have monitors on you for temp. and heartbeats and a feeding tube.

You are so precious. I can tell Sarah looks just like her mama did when she was born. I can't remember which boy it was but one of you looks just like your dad. We get to touch you and see your sweet faces now. I can't help but cry a little. You are so beautiful. You are such miracles. We are going to leave mom alone and go home before the snow freezes and we will be back to see you as soon as the weather permits.

Miss you and can't wait to see your sweet faces again.

Love Nana

You Are Here

You are here and I am behind on posting. Well here goes

Your mother emailed me to tell me you would be making your arrival that day, January 6th. I was so excited I could hardly work. I stayed at work for awhile so the time would go by quickly but I knew I would be at the hospital by 1:00. Kelly's surgery is scheduled for 4:00.

I couldn't wait until I could meet you. When I got to the hospital the birth had been put off until 5:00. Sarah was born at 5:44, Luke 5:45 and Jake 5:47.

We rolled your mother down to the room to prep for surgery and I was grateful we could be with her after they got her ready. Then we all went into the waiting room where we would pace the floors and pretend we were watching TV. I think Seinfeld was on.

Soon all three sets of grandparents were there. Uncle Terry was there too so he could say good luck to his sister.

Time went by so slow. After 6:30 we began pacing the floor until we saw your dad come through the double doors. He had been with you since birth and had pictures and all your statistics with him. Mommy had to know and see first. Again we paced until he returned to give us the news...Excitement filled the waiting room as we waited to get our first look at you close up. Just the news made me tear up I couldn't imagine what I was going to do when I finally got to meet you. Everyone was hugging with the great news that you were all here and in great shape.

After feeding your dad (who was starving) he guided us to the second floor to meet you. First we had to wash our hands and we were led to see Jake. He was sleeping under a warm lamp and very peaceful. We touched him gently to feel his soft skin.

Then we washed our hands again so we could go over to see Sarah. She looks just like your moms baby pictures I had of her when she was born. Button nose and poochy lips. She too was under a nice warm lamp to keep her toasty.

Then it was down to the nursery to meet Luke. Luke had a little more fluid in his lungs so he was in a nursery down the hall. Again we washed our hands and then got to touch his sweet soft body. He had his c-pap on so it was hard to see who he looked like.

One thing we knew for sure is you all have a head full of hair. You were not cleaned up yet but hair was all over the head. Luke even has sideburns. They all had IV's going into you and it looked so sad but it was what you needed to make your entry into the world a safer one.

Soon all the anxiously awaiting guests have seen you and getting ready to go home while you little bundles rested.

I went home and dreamed about all the fun times we are going to have as you grow. I could hardly get to sleep. I couldn't wait until the next day when I would see you again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Hold

Babies your mom has been in the hospital for almost three weeks now. She is protecting you and making sure your entrance into this world is as best as it can be for you. She has had some roller coaster rides and scared me to death but she has come out on the good side of every setback. You guys are snug as a bug in a rug and have no plans of coming out yet.

Mommy is lucky she has lots of visitors. Mostly friends. She has lots of friends because mommy is a good friend. She is getting antsy to get out of the room as much as possible. I love staying with her, watching movies and helping her with whatever she needs. I feel like I am helping in some way. This is about all I can do for her but the nurses take great care of her. I love you Kelly, my baby girl.

Triplets we have so many beautiful outfits for you to wear when you make your grand entrance. You are a part of so many peoples lives. You are impacting people in ways we may never totally know. You are truly a gift of God. You are such a miracle. So many people have jumped in and given you tons of clothes. You are set for preemie to 3 months. The clothes just keep coming in. Of course you know grandma and grandpa will be buying you way to many things.

I got you a great boppy to lay on and look at the toys hanging from it. We just have to buy some toys to hang on it. I am already in search of toys with things that are colorful and I can tie on the boppy. You will be able to talk and reach to help you learn to work your arms and hands. Of course everything that gets in a babies hand always goes to the mouth. You found your mouths while in the womb. You have plenty of pacifiers to keep those mouths busy sucking instead of your fingers. Pacifiers we can throw away, fingers we can't.

Now it is up to God and you guys when you are to make your grand entrance. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival. We are ready with pack n play set up in moms bedroom which is where you will live for a few weeks. We do have the nursery ready for you too. We will be adding your names and a few decorations on the wall to finish it up. The changing table is ready to change your cute little butts. We just need some preemie diapers but as fast as you are growing you may not need them.

We now know you are 4 lbs and that is incredible. Three more weeks could mean you will be born 5 pounds. That would be awesome. Not to many triplet moms can say their babies weighed 5 pounds at birth. Especially if you come 4 - 6 weeks early. We can wait on you but do it anxiously. We want to meet you so bad. I get to feel your little kicks on mommas tummy a lot. I am glad she is at Northside. I can get over there easier than I could down in Newnan.

I hope soon you will be back in Duluth. Your moms boss is GOING TO GET HER A POSITION APPROVED or I will go help him get it approved. I want you near me so I can help your mommy with you. I know you are going to be a handful. Anyone going from 2 family members to 5 has their world turned upside down. It will be worth it to see your little smiles.

I don't have a car good enough to run from Norcross to Newnan every week. If you live closer I could come over and let your mom sleep for several hours, do laundry and get your bottles ready. I so want to be in your lives on a daily basis. Whether you are skyping me to show me your new moves or see you in person to hold you and love you I will be there everyday I am needed.

Well Nana needs to go now and get ready for work tomorrow. I have got to make more baby money. That would be money to shower you with toys and clothes. I love you and am so excited to meet you. I will meet you soon...